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ELNOS Corporation for Business Development is a full-service business development corporation that was established to stimulate economic growth in the ELNOS Region through new business development and investment.  ELNOS provides creative and flexible solutions to advance the development and growth of businesses in the ELNOS Region.  We favour growing businesses that will provide long-term income and employment opportunities in the ELNOS Region.

The ELNOS Region is comprised of: The Corporation of the City of Elliot Lake, The Town of Blind River, The Town of Spanish, The Township of the North Shore, and the Serpent River First Nation.

ELNOS' mandate is to improve the long-term economic prosperity of the Region by assisting businesses which create wealth and jobs; assisting in new business start-ups; assisting in projects that help stabilize and diversify the Regional economy; assisting ELNOS communities and individual organizations with projects that improve the local and Regional economy; and undertaking other activities that may be deemed as being for the economic benefit of the ELNOS Region. 

All ELNOS applications begin the same way -- with an inquiry (by phone, email, or in person) to the ELNOS office. Typically an initial meeting will be booked with the General Manager to discuss your business idea. 

At this first meeting, you should be prepared to openly discuss what your idea is, why you are the person to make it happen, and what assistance you require to move your idea forward. All discussions are strictly confidential, so you should feel comfortable sharing your plans and goals. You will leave this meeting with an action plan. The plan could include such items as: direction to do further research; referral to a consultant or another agency, or simply encouragement to move forward with developing the business proposal.

Almost without exception, the next stage of the process will involve developing some form of a business plan. ELNOS has templates available for this purpose and our staff can work with you either directly or through a third party consultant to help ensure that your business plan accurately reflects your idea. It is important to remember that just because something is a good idea, doesn't mean that it will be a viable business. 

The final business plan will be submitted to ELNOS and will be used as the basis for a credit application which will be reviewed by the ELNOS Board of Directors. The Board will either accept the proposal, reject the proposal, or accept the proposal with conditions. This is a brief summary of the ELNOS application process. Please contact the office for more information or clarification. 

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