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Community Enterprises

Elliot Lake Retirement Living

  • Elliot Lake Retirement Living has been offering modern accommodations for over 25 years.  Elliot Lake Retirement Living offers apartment suites, townhouses, and homes to retirees.

Elliot Lake Research Field Station

  • The Analytical Services Laboratory of the Elliot Lake Research Field Station was established in 1992.  The initial work of the laboratory was to support research into the effects of low-level radioactivity on the environment resulting from regional uranium mine waste tailings.

North Shore Tribal Council

  • The mandate of Mamaweswen, The North Shore Tribal Council is to assist and facilitate the activities of the member communities of the North Shore Tribal Council. In a manner that promotes the cultural, spiritual, political, economic, environmental and social well being of the member First Nations, the Tribal Council will act to serve three primary functions: 
    (i) Research, develop and deliver regionally based products and services to member communities when directed by NSTC member communities. 
    (ii) Provide advisory services to member communities. 
    (iii) Provide collective political support to advance the betterment of First Nations people.

ELNOS Communities

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